Conceptual Competition of Architecture, From the Ground to the Sky

Conductor: Mirmiran Architectural Institute

Type: Competition

Grade: 2nd Place

Year: December 2015

Design Team: Ashkan Qashqai, Samaneh Motaghipishe, Pouya Ranjbar

Graphic Designer: Rouhollah Ghaderi

Jury Members: Nader Ardalan, Iraj Etesam, Darab Diba, Ali Akbar Saremi, Seyed Alireza Ghahari, Faryar Javaherian, Hamid Mirmiran, Abbas Kiarostami.

Design Philosophy

"The desire to reach for the sky runs deep in our human psyche."

Cesar Pelli

With today’s weight of cities on the landscape, we tend to lose our original relationship with nature. The cities are getting larger and higher as the population increases and our connection to natural landscape is disappearing. The typical skyscraper offered the chance to have a small footprint in order to have more free horizontal space, but at the end, if we built a lot of them we will end up with the same unsustainable model. Today there is a constant race between large metropolises and nations to build the tallest structure, but it has been proven that this typology is sometimes not desirable for medium-size cities where skyscraper destroy the nature and skyline of the cities. Urban planners and architects have been trying to recreate nature in cities. Instead of trying to force nature into the city, we should adapt the city to nature.


2nd Place, 10th Mirmiran Architecture Award, Tehran/ Iran, 2015.