Conceptual Competition of Architecture and Wind

Conductor: Mirmiran Architectural Institute

Type: Competition

Grade: Third Place

Year: January 2012

Design Team: Ashkan Qashqai, Samaneh Motaghipishe, Pouya Ranjbar, Rouhollah Ghaderi

Graphic Designer: Rouhollah Ghaderi

Jury Members: Nader Ardalan, Iraj Etesam, Darab Diba, Ali Akbar Saremi, Seyed Alireza Ghahari, Faryar Javaherian, Hamid Mirmiran, Abbas Kiarostami.


Design Philosophy

It makes a difference whether an object’s dependence upon a context manifests itself as interference with its shape or as a modulation of it. A tree impeded by its neighbors may be stunted on one side. In a natural setting, this partial setback makes sense as a response to prevailing conditions, and to that extent it fits the ecological order of its surroundings.

Even so, looked at by itself, the tree may be ugly. This is so not because its inherent structure has been interfered with, but because the interference has rent, not modified, the structure. If in comparison one looks at the windswept pines of the California coast, there, too, one notices incompleteness unless one perceives the wind as a part of the order. In the latter case, the trees’ deflection from their inherent symmetry does not play havoc with structure. It rather overlays it with a new vector, which has been incorporated in a restructuring of the whole. The order of the object has been shifted to a higher level of complexity.



3rd Place, 6th Mirmiran Architecture Award, Tehran/ Iran, 2012.