Payambar Square Limited Competition



Conductor: Chabahar Municipality

Type: Limited Competition

Grade: 3rd Place

Year: July 2016

Location: Chabahar, Sistan & Baluchestan, Iran


Design Team: Ashkan Qashqai, Samaneh Motaghipishe, Pouya Ranjbar, Hadis Ranjbaran

Jury Members: Shiva Arasteh, Zahra Taraneh Yalda, Alireza Ablaqi

In the design according to the length to width ratio site, the two zone is considered. Public spaces Square is located in this zones. Activities such as sitting, playing, walking and religious rituals done in these zones. Other activities such as cycling, running and functions such as restaurants around the zones is allocated.


3rd Place, Payambar Square Limited Competition, Chabahar, Sistan & Baluchestan/ Iran, 2016.