Mausoleum of Shams-e Tabrizi

Conductor: Shams foundation with collaboration of Mirmiran Architectural Institute

Type: Competition

Grade: Honorable Mention

Year: July 2012

Location: Khoy, Azerbaijanis, Iran

Area: 7000 M2

Design Team: Samaneh Motaghipishe, Pouya Ranjbar, Ashkan Qashqai, Rouhollah Ghaderi.

Graphic Designer: Rouhollah Ghaderi

Jury Members: Nader Ardalan, Iraj Etesam, Darab Diba, Ali Akbar Saremi, Seyed Mohammad Beheshti, Hassan Bolkhari Ghahi, Faryar Javaherian, Shahab Katouzian, Abbas Kiarostami.

In designing the Garden- tomb of Shams Tabrizi which is the symbolic part of the complex, taking into account the evolution route of the construction process would be a key point of the design process in Iranian contemporary architecture. In this work, putting emphasis on a the conceptual deduction of basic principles of form and space being achieved through the study of the history of making tombs along with attempting to create a novel word deserving his place, were among our main challenges. Location limitations of the project including being placed in an old texture as well as related height restrictions have significantly affected the design process. The scenario of the tomb has been designed to make the observer walk through a path based on garden and texture with an ambiguous understanding of the building. It would then pass the accessibility hierarchy and ultimately reach the Shams's privacy. Some stations have been designed for break and the exchange of information. Also, some socialization spaces have been considered for better communication between people and the visitors.


Shortlisted project, 1st 2A Asia Architecture Award, Istanbul/ Turkey, 2016.

Honorable mention, Design Competition for Mausoleum of Shams-e Tabrizi, Khoy/ Iran, 2012.