About Us


Who We Are

Paya Payrang Shahr architectural group started its activities under “Concept” trademark in 2010 with four main members; aiming at establishing a space for creation and express; in the context of team work with equal members who are bound to humanistic and sustainable architecture. The group’s activities include the design and implementation of numerous architectural and urban design projects, participating in national and international architectural competitions, research activities, and presenting various seminars.

Main Members 

Samaneh Motaghipishe

Co-founder of PayaPayrang Architectural Group in 2010. Born in 1987 in Shiraz. She has received her master of landscape architecture at Shahid Beheshti University of Tehran. Samaneh has been an award-wining designer on several architectural competitions, the designer of architecture and landscape architecture projects and a researcher in Iranian gardens and landscapes.

Ashkan Qashqai

Co-founder of Paya Payrang Architectural Group in 2010. Born in 1986 in Shiraz. He studied master of architecture at Shiraz University. He started his professional career in 2007 as the partner of Vimand architectural atelier for 3 years. Ashkan is a researcher in contemporary architecture of Iran and refurbishment building and has designed a number

Pouya Ranjbar

Co-founder of Paya Payrang Architectural Group in 2010. Born in 1984 in Shiraz, He trained at the Azad University of Isfahan. His main field of activity is the design and construction of architectural projects. His research focuses on the